About Lockton Affinity, LLC

Lockton Affinity, an affiliate of Lockton Companies, was formed in 1987 to meet the dynamic, specialized insurance needs of affinity groups, non-profits, associations and franchises.

The Current State of the Cyber Market

Cyber liability insurance protection is key to an effective risk management strategy when you're a registered investment advisor. But changes are afoot in the cyber insurance marketplace and it could impact your ability to get the coverage you need while it's still affordable. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the already elevated rate of cyber [...]

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Hiring a Service Provider with Strong Cybersecurity Practices

Under ERISA, retirement plan fiduciaries can be held liable for cyber crime impacting participant data and assets, even when the fault lies with a service provider. New guidance suggests how advisors like you can protect yourself. New Guidance for Fiduciaries Issued High rates of cyber crime continue to affect businesses large and small. But for [...]

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5 Recent Excessive Fee Lawsuit Case Examples

Advisors have been hearing a lot about recent excessive fee lawsuit cases these days. With so much repetitive news, it's understandable if you've thought about tuning it out. But remember that these ERISA-based class action lawsuits can pose a huge risk to your career and personal assets. Under ERISA Section 409, a retirement plan fiduciary's [...]

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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Excessive Fee Claim Risk

Excessive fee claims pose a major risk to advisors. From questionable allegations to cookie-cutter ERISA lawsuits, excessive fee claims are growing, impacting more and more retirement plan fiduciaries. These sprawling class-action lawsuits can put both your professional and personal assets at risk but there are some simple things you can do to reduce your risk [...]

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Coverage Gaps with Some E&O Policies: An Interview With Tom Schrandt

Recently Tom Schrandt, Vice President at Lockton Affinity and Producer of the Lockton Affinity Advisor business, sat down with NAPA Net the Magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of Plan Advisors, to discuss an important topic—the coverage gaps that retirement plan advisors can risk with some Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance products. Countless [...]

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Are Excessive Fee Reforms on the Horizon?

More and more excessive fee lawsuits are claiming that retirement plan fiduciaries are overpaying for fees or mismanaging investments, but excessive fee reforms could be on the horizon. Excessive fee lawsuits are concerning—not only due the high cost to advisors defending themselves from claims but also because of the unreliability of some litigation tactics and [...]

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15 Excessive Fee Lawsuit Examples

Over the last year, advisor insurance claims for excessive fee lawsuits have skyrocketed. If you are a retirement plan fiduciary, you too could be at an increased risk for an allegation that the investment manager or recordkeeper is being paid too much. It’s beneficial to understand what exactly plaintiffs are alleging when they bring these [...]

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Excessive Fee Lawsuits and their Impact on the Insurance Market

Large class-action excessive fee lawsuits were once rare and targeted big firms with billions of assets under management. Now, these lawsuits have taken aim at small-firm fiduciaries managing all types of plans. Litigation is extremely complex and costly with personal assets put at risk. Settlements have the possibility to amount to millions of dollars, which [...]

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Preventing Excessive Fee Lawsuits

Large class-action lawsuits claiming retirement plan fiduciary negligence resulting in excessive fees have been with us for a long time. But as we recently wrote, this threat has evolved—now any fiduciary of a retirement plan can face significant risk of a claim. While there are indeed some professionals who may improperly execute their fiduciary duties [...]

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Excessive Fee Lawsuits Against Advisors

Fiduciaries of retirement plans face a number of evolving risks. Most recently, there has been a wave of excessive fee lawsuits against advisors. Large class-action lawsuits were once rare and targeted at big firms with billions of assets under management. Now, these suits have taken aim at small-firm fiduciaries managing all types of plans. Even [...]

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